Does she really have Kajimoto and Reiji cell straps?

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    Vamos al pami para conseguir teléfonos para Wakato. TODO POR EL CELLSTRAP. DAMN YOU MERCHANDISE TEAM, DAMN YOU!!!
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    Because all the tenipuri merchandesing-team are mean mean and fucking mean!!! ;___; Seria capaz de ir a conseguirle...
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    Silly Hanamura, there’s no such thing as Jyousei merchandise.
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    so coach do u like shota
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    Woman, you are fantabulous.
  9. fencer-x said: You should see the ‘atobe kara no okurimono’ short that ran before the first movie. There’s a festival with a dating game between the boys and eligible females…and she gets paired with Reiji. Creeeeeeeeeepy.
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