The Prince of Tennis - Nationals - e07

  • Prince of Beach Volleyball
  • LOL Ojii coming in and sniping Ryoma’s change for a Ponta.
  • Rokkaku v Seigaku — Ojii Cup Beach Volleyball Tournament.
  • I still don’t fully understand why they all put their shirts back on to play volleyball.
  • INUI — why is there a fish in your pocket and a blush on your cheeks?
  • I may have just spent the last half hour editing all of the frames to remove the fish, and elongating the arm sequence, so that it looks like he’s wanking it on the beach…

  • There are going to be so many gifs for this episode. It’s kind of a crime. Everyone should just watch it.
  • Look at this shit right here…
  • FYI, Beach Volleyball is the one sport that Ryoma sucks at…
  • Case in point:
  • GOLDEN PAIR. Oishi, showing his excitement over the idea of 2 Eiji’s…

    Oishi is so hot in this episode.
  • LOL Inui’s new juice has put everyone, face down, into the ocean.
  • AHAHAHA  Ryuzaki + Ojii as a team is so fantastically disturbing. They’re both hilarious and just…so very wrong.
  • Starting from this point, there is no going back:
  • God, I feel so…dirty.

    In this scene she legit says to Kaidoh and Oishi, “What are you staring at? You perverts,” in a cutesy voice.  Ryuzakiiiiiii.
  • "Kaidoh," she says. "Don’t stare at me like that."
  • Haaaaa, even Fuji can’t take it.
  • Despite all the faux-passes at her students, Ryuzaki and Ojii are bad ass.
  • No one should play Priority Seats with Ryuzaki and Ojii…
  • You guys…I have no words about Priority Seating, but I don’t think I can keep watching Oishi hump the air while being Face to Ass with Ryuzaki…

    Maybe he went to his happy place (2 Eiji’s)…
  • Poor Inui, having to face this…
  • "Beep-beep, beep-beep, it’s noisy, Inui-senpai."
  • OMG, Inui gets pantsed…
  • I seriously don’t know where he’s keeping the fucking fish, other than in his swimming trunks, but whyyyyyyyy?
  • And where did this fish even come from?
  • Ryoma’s comment to Tezuka after the above scene? “That’s a sardine sticking out of there, isn’t it?”
  • Ryuzaki’s “No one surpasses my beauty” song.
  • Priority Seat Zombies.
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